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A history of Buckden Towers from 1086


In 1838, with the importance of the Palace diminished, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners decided that about half of the main buildings and part of the Gatehouse were to be demolished.  The materials and furnishings that were considered unnecessary were to be removed and sold, the profits being paid into the funds of the Commissioners at the Bank of England. The materials from the demolished buildings were sold in February 1838.  The sale of furnishings took place in November 1838.  It lasted for three days and was attended by nearly 1,000 people.

In 1842 the Palace and Park were conveyed to the Vicar of Buckden.  Part of the main building was used as an elementary school for girls and infants.  In 1870, it appeared that the connection with the Church was to be severed since it was in that year that the property was sold to Mr James Marshall.  He proceeded to make the place habitable again and, at one stage, it appeared that he was going to restore and enlarge the old buildings, architectural plans for this purpose having been drawn up.   Eventually, he decided against this plan and even considered burning down the Great Tower.

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