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A history of Buckden Towers from 1086


The Eighteenth Century saw new methods in the techniques of road building; travel became easier and with its location on the Great North Road, the Palace became popular with visitors.  Bishop Thomas in 1750 received Count Zingandorf, the first Bishop of the Moravian Sect in England.

An idea of the state of the Palace can be gleaned from the diary of the Hon. John Byng, later Viscount Torrington, who visited Buckden in 1790 and stayed at the George:   "I had often try'd in vain to see the inside of the Bishop of Lincoln's Palace at Buckden and now unexpectedly succeeded; its appearance is castellated and within the walls certain strong turrets with apertures.  This ancient appearance diminishes hourly as much of the moat has been lately filled up and many walls pulled down.  The interior is grave, strong and useful; something to venerate; a good dining parlour, a neat chapel, tower stair cases and some stained glass in the windows."

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