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A history of Buckden Towers from 1086


In 1641 Bishop Williams was succeeded by Bishop Winniffe, who had the misfortune to have the Palace at Buckden and other appurtenances of his See taken from him by the Parliament during the Civil War.  In 1649, the property was sold for £8,174.82 to Alderman Sir Christopher Pecke, one time Lord Mayor of London.

With the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, the Palace was returned to the See of Lincoln to which Bishop Sanderson was appointed in that year.  Although he only lived for three more years, Sanderson undertook the restoration the Palace with great speed, care and charge.  The Great Hall was not, however, restored to its former glory.

The Palace continued to be used by the Bishops of Lincoln; Bishop Barlow being known as the "Bishop of Buckden who never saw Lincoln".  The dean made efforts to induce him to show more interest in the Cathedral City, but Barlow remained loyal to Buckden, and when he died there in 1691 he was buried in the Parish Church.

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